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The LaceClips device is a lightweight,
water-resistant clip that keeps your laces
locked and connects directly to your
mobile device via Bluetooth.

product features

  • Lightweight, water-resistant clip installs on the player's shoe
  • Includes patent pending locking clip that keeps your laces locked
  • Set goals and complete challenges
  • Easy to use at any level and age

Track your game

  • Tracks steps and measures distance travelled
  • Counts pivots w/ rotational axis (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Records Jumps w/ degrees of height (low, medium, high)
  • Syncs via Bluetooth directly to your mobile device

Share and Compare

  • Compare activity sessions for the same sport
  • Compare training performance vs competition
  • Review aggregate performance data (weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Rank in Activity and Baseline Challenge Leaderboards

Get Started

Download the LaceClips Mobile App
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  • Create a profile

    Add your most active sports. Select your level of proficiency. Get going!

  • Track your Activity

    Record activity sessions by selecting the sport and starting recording.

  • Review Your Performance

    See a detailed account of your workout or review your performance over time.

  • Share with Coaches and Friends

    Notify followers when you're starting a workout and they can watch your stats live.

  • Compare with Pro Athletes

    Subscribe to compare your activity data to your favorite pro athletes.

  • Conquer the Leaderboard

    Complete challenges created by friends and the pros. Climb your way to the top of the leaderboards.

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